Bees Create Beautiful Heart-Shaped Hives When They Aren’t Forced Into Frames

Have you ever seen honeycomb as beautiful as this? Image credit: National Trust

Who needs more evidence that bees are artists than these incredible photographs of heart-shaped natural honeycombs?

This may seem like an unusual sight at first, but that’s because most of us are used to beekeepers placing rectangular frames within boxes to serve as hives. The bees then deposit their honey and build a comb directly onto the frames, which can be easily taken out and harvested by the beekeeper.

But when not forced into frames, bees will use as much space as they have to store honey. And as for the shape, they most often come up with amazing heart-shaped honeycombs, which are just as beautiful as they are tasty.

Image credit: Ryan Sturmer
Image credit: Paul
Image credit: robdownunder
Image credit: Eileen Fonferko
Image source: TBC

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