Bizarre Amish Wax Children for Sale

Not an offer you encounter every day.


If you need a churchload of Amish children, here is the deal. Someone in the charmingly named town of Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania, is overwhelmed with wax figures of Amish children and is trying to say good bye to them, with the help of Philadelphia Craiglist. Here’s the ad:

I have 28 wax figures. I’m asking $300 EACH. There are 4 mechanical. I’m selling 1 figure with a desk for $300. There out of the weavertown one room school house in bird in hand pa. They were made by dwarfmans in 1969. They were appraised at $450 to $800 each. Would love to sell as a set. If your interested in all please contact me. Please NO low balling. I had several offers that I turned down! I have no problem with offers if you buy the 28 as a set (no low balling) and no scams. I take cash on pick up. I can also take credit card but prefer cash.”


As Gizmodo’s Katharine Trendacosta figured out, the Weavertown One Room School House is “an authentic one-room school” dating from 1877 in which “life-sized animation brings this interactive classroom to life.” Until May 1969 it was a school for Amish and Mennonite children, but then it became a museum.

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weird-amish-children-for-sale-7 weird-amish-children-for-sale-8 weird-amish-children-for-sale-9 weird-amish-children-for-sale-10

via Gizmodo, Dangerous Minds


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