The Parkour and His Dog

Nice stunts from what seems to be (at least in part) a Border Collie, the world's most intelligent breed - and a human counterpart.


BTW this GoPro thing is not new at all (see earlier post with eagle). Here is a post from a Hungarian blog that says it was invented by a German pharmacist called Julius Gustav Neubronner as early as 1852. He strapped his cameras on pigeons and won a lot of awards - but never a penny out of it....


Seems like we are having a peaceful evening.

Real Eagle Eye

Someone strapped a camera on the back of an eagle. The footage is breathtaking, but wouldn't this count as animal abuse?

Our Cat

So here is our cat. Sort of a spacey kind. But there is something in her eyes that would not let me go. We party a lot together. We do.
Earthly Mission
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