Here’s How Huge the Mississippi River Basin Actually Is

The true extent of the Mississippi river basin.

Cool Animation Shows How Bridges Were Built in Medieval Prague

Ever wondered how bridges were built centuries ago? It wasn't an easy feat.

Amazing Animation Shows Bird Migration Over Europe Tracked by GPS

Birds migrating through Europe overnight.

Amazing Animations Reconstruct How Famous World Heritage Sites Looked Back in Their Prime

What World Heritage sites looked like in their prime.

These Viral Visual Explanations Are Spreading Information About COVID-19 Extremely Effectively

Excellent visual explanations about COVID-19, including how to tell apart the symptoms from other diseases.

How Fast a Rocket Has to Go to Leave Each Planet in the Solar System

Interesting animation of how fast rockets have to travel to leave each planet.

Animated 8-Bit Pixel Map of the USA

This map even has the wind turbines right. Cool.

How Animals Will Have to Migrate Due to Climate Change

Expected ways for animals to escape climate change in order to survive.

How Optical Illusions Trick Your Mind

An amazing animated infographic of how optical illusions work.
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