What Your Underwear Says About You

True or not true, guys?

The Coolest Ways to Tie Your Shoelaces

Today's fashion tip.

Soviet Dog Spacesuit from Sputnik 5 Mission in 1961

I don't think the dog liked it, but decide for yourself.

Eternal Hugs or The Handycoat

Today's fashion tip.

Awesome Stop-Motion Animation Starring Clothes

Haha, that must have taken a lot of clothing...

Downside Up: Shoes Defying Gravity Spotted in East London

The art of shoe tossing redefined.

World’s Most Disgusting Dress is Made of Pubic Hair

She is now collecting sperm donations for her next project, so guys…

Traveler T-Shirt With 40 Icons Makes Communication Possible Anytime, Anywhere

I wish I had this on me when I was in South Korea...

The Devil’s Shoes

Some weird shoes made of animal parts.

(Real) Cartoon Bags

Make yourself look as if you came out of a comic strip.

The Coolest Helmet Ever

Today’s fashion tip.

Necropants: The Creepiest Lucky Charm Ever

The creepiest pants ever.
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