50 Ways to Save Water

Ways to not come up dry.

Places in the UK Where Nobody Lives

No surprises there. The UK is almost full.

Tree Cover Density and Human Settlements Around the World

You need to plant more trees, earthlings.

World Oil Consumption


World’s First Climate-Controlled Neighborhood Is Set to Be Built In Dubai

Could every major city in the world be like that by the end of the century?

People Photographed in 7 Days Worth of Their Trash

Purchase. Consume. Christmas is coming.

Land Grabbing in Africa – A New Way of Colonization

Africa is being recolonized. Silently and on a mass scale.

How Green Planet Earth Really Is

Surprise, surprise.

The Smell of Rain Explained

The science of what rain smells like.

Largest Swimming Pool in the World

You won't believe what's in it.
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