Your Beer Pong Safety Instructions for Next Weekend

Your beer pong safety card, sir.

How You Can Turn From Hipster to Hippie

Are you a hipster? You are in immediate danger of morphing into a hippie.

A Police Car Contents Challenge? Cops in New Zealand and Ukraine Follow Example of Their Dutch Colleagues

Yes, it's definitely becoming a challenge and we love it.

A New Yorker’s Idea of the United States 1922 vs 1936 vs 1970

Did New Yorkers regard the United States differently in 1922, 1936 and 1970? Well, not really...

Old Mobile Phones That Look So Funny Today

The difficulties of mobile telecommunications in the past.

What Your Underwear Says About You

True or not true, guys?

WW2 Map of Ireland to Deter Invaders

Don't come to Ireland.

Odd Place Names in the British Isles

A nasty little map of the British Isles.

This Butt Lamp Gets Turned On When Slapped

It's very safe, LOL.
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