Shakespearean Insult Genrator

I've played with it for quite a while, lol.

Can You Find the Woman in These Pictures?

Can you spot the woman at work?

Alien Collectible Trading Cards from 1979

He must be a retired space jockey, like me. He is in a bad shape though.

Nintendo: Now You’re Playing With Power!

N'intend do any harm.

Parents Create Funny Scenes With Toy Dinosaurs While Their Kids Are Asleep

The bondage scene is indeed a bit gross.

Amazing Anagrams

The eyes, they see.

Gamer Problems Then & Now

Haha, they are so true.

Drunken Soccer Rulez

Those Vikings are CRAZY...

Amazingly Detailed Classic D & D Walkthrough Maps

And that's just one segment of the universe where I've been to...

The Cottage of Content – A Humorous Game

A funny rendering of British society in 1848 which you can actually play.

Find the Panda: Black Metal, Star Wars and Retro Versions

Find the panda (before the year ends).

Where’s WALL•E?

I couldn't find him. Can you?
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