World War II Propaganda Posters

Although you won't find this particular picture there, I find this by country WW II propaganda poster collection quite wikid.

History Pin

Wow, these streets were really drawn with a pencil and ruler. This is a very historical pin-up taken from a site called Historypin, which has some really remarkable options like the satellite based maps, the projects or the tours.

The Last Time Each European Country Was Occupied

An awesome map of who occupied who last time (hopefully) in Europe.

Londoners continue to browse at a bombed-out library, 1940

Got this one from a very interesting picture blog on rarely seen history (alas in Hungarian!)

50 Photos from the Past

Some oddities from the past. I think I need to try this one on now, otherwise I'll fall asleep.


BTW this GoPro thing is not new at all (see earlier post with eagle). Here is a post from a Hungarian blog that says it was invented by a German pharmacist called Julius Gustav Neubronner as early as 1852. He strapped his cameras on pigeons and won a lot of awards - but never a penny out of it....
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