How Optical Illusions Trick Your Mind

An amazing animated infographic of how optical illusions work.

Fossil Map of Alaska and the Yukon

I'm not Alaskan or Yukonese (but I love this).

The People Who Had the Most Influence on Western Society

I wish Diogenes was among them.

The Moonwalk Scroll

Just click, scroll down and moonwalk. It's that simple.

Are You Part of the 75% That Can Hear This GIF?

Can you hear anything while viewing this GIF? I think I can. Kind of...

Even Google’s Image Recognition API Thought This Photo is of a Concert Crowd

Is this a huge concert crowd or something else?

Amazing ‘Slo-Mo’ Guitar String Vibrations Captured From Inside Guitar

Actually, this isn't fake. But it takes an iPhone for guitar strings to oscillate like that.

Different Levels of Ninjas

Where is the last ninja?

Amazing Optical Illusion Truck Ads

These look pretty awesome.

Guess What Happened Here

What's going on in this school?

Amazing GIF: Which Way Is She Turning?

I’m looking and looking but cannot tell.

Levitating Street Performers: How Do They Do It?

Hopefully this won't make any street performers lose their jobs.
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