How The Internet of Things Is Taking Over by 2020

How the Internet of Things is exploding.

Android Version History: A Visual Timeline

I never noticed anything.

Lifting and Spanking Machine

Build your butty!

Ultimate Gadgets of Capitalism

Can you turn shit into gold?

30 Hilarious Ideas to Make School Cool

I wish we had these back in my day.

Listen to the First Ever Computer Generated Music from 1951

In the beginning, you needed this thing to make computer music.

This Russian Made Muzzle Turns Your Toy Dog Into a Werewolf


Craft a Metal Detector in 6 Easy Steps

That's much easier than I thought... Now, where did I put that old FM radio?

The Most Impactful Invention from Every U.S. State

Haha, you gotta love North Dakota for giving us Cream of Wheat...

Cool Inventions That (Would) Really Make Our Lives Easier

These are so cool. Why don't we see more of them in our everyday lives?
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