Pints in the Sun

This site comes in very handy before the summer vacations and generally before the summer. It is an experiment that addresses the very real problem of finding a pub that will be sunny in the evening, and not overshadowed by adjacent buildings. So check it out and find a sunny pub near you.

Every airplane that is flying in the world right now

The title (and the amount of planes over each continent) says it all.

The Last Time Each European Country Was Occupied

An awesome map of who occupied who last time (hopefully) in Europe.

Stonehenge in 3D

Walk around in Stonehenge in 3D. Luvly.

The Great @ Map

How the @ sign is called around Europe.


A guy called Martin Vargic has produced a very detailed map of the Internet in vintage style. On the largest resolution version you can even see the smallest companies of the 499 listed.
Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!
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