What Part of California is Which Part of the World by Paramount Studios, 1927

California has the world, and the world has California…

Psychology of Color in Movies

Now I know.

The Sci-Fi Timeline

It's almost Blade Runner time earthlings!

Jungian Archetypes in Fantasy and Sci-Fi Movies

One set of archetypes fits all?

Classic Movies Miniature Style

West meets East (now try to pronounce that).

The Moonshiners Strike Back

Revenge of the Prohibition.

Star Wars Filming Locations

This is still hoth, ain't ith?

Hollywood Movie Poster Cliches

Hollywood, I can see through your legs.

Rules of the Breaking Bad Superlab / The Wardrobe of Walter White

No, it wasn't me. I never posted this.

Practice Makes Perfect

When (pulp) fiction becomes (virtual) reality.
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