‘Human Cheese’ is Made From Celebrity Armpit and Belly Button Bacteria

Ever had the feeling that some varieties of cheese smell like an armpit? Well, that's no coincidence.

Beautiful Males Have Smaller Balls, New Study Says

This seems to be true for humans, too.

White Supremacists Take Ancestry Tests and They Aren’t Happy About The Results

The truth can be painful, at least for some people.

Scientists Repair Damaged Human Lungs by Attaching Them to Pigs

Pigs restore damaged human lungs to function.

Massive New Study Finds Link Between Blood Iron Levels And Lifespan

Apparently, our lifespan is strongly impacted by our blood iron levels.

Guy Dressed as a Bush Caught on Camera Sneaking Down Street During Lockdown

Some people are going to great lengths to avoid quarantine restrictions.

People in Quarantine Are Recreating Their Favorite Artworks Using Household Items

Apparently, the more bored people are getting, the more creative they are becoming.

These Viral Visual Explanations Are Spreading Information About COVID-19 Extremely Effectively

Excellent visual explanations about COVID-19, including how to tell apart the symptoms from other diseases.
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