Insufficient Sleep in US Counties

Do you get enough sleep in your county?

What Does Your Surname Say About You?

Discover the meaning and history behind your last name.

What Women Want: Dating Secrets Revealed

A fun look into what online dating searches can tell us about modern romance.

Native American Homes Still in Use Today

Hogans are my favorite.

Here Are the Worst & Safest Countries for Solo Female Travel in 2019

Worth checking out. Some surprises there.

Stunning Color Photos of Life in Imperial Russia

Take a thorough look at Imperial Russia, just before the Russian Revolution.

The Mafias in Italy

Italy's mafia coverage.

Amazing Visual Representation of Connections in a Network of Friends

How your childhood, high school, university etc. friends intermix (or not).

1940s Teen Slang

I hope I'm a go giver.

Take a Ride on the Mysterious Pyongyang Metro in North Korea

You can feel the dictatorship down there.

The Most Politically Segregated Cities in the US

These US cities are so polarized politically, they are 2 in 1.
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