These Photos Are Proof That Gorillas Actually Enjoy Taking Selfies

Who said selfie culture was limited to the Homo Sapiens?

Phonetic Map of the Human Mouth

Where you pronounce phonemes in your mouth.

Amazing Never-Before-Seen Photos of ’90s New York

The Big Apple before the millennium.

How Much of a Caveman Are You?

I'm more of a caveman than I would've thought.

Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases to Avoid

Here is something to avoid your belief bias.

The Richest People in History on an Amazing Infographic

It's still happening while it shouldn't be happening.

Latest JBL Headphones Ads Feature World Leaders and Football Managers

Block out 'em politicians and football managers.

Historical Photos of Native Americans at the White House for Citizenship in the 1920s and 30s

I don't know but the Native Americans photographed at the Lincoln memorial don't seem to be natives to me. What do you think?

The East German Secret Police’s Illustrated Guide for Identifying 80s Youth Subcultures: Punks, Goths, Teds & More

Being a punk or gruftie in East Germany 80's was a dangerous venture. The secret police was after you.

The Cars of World Leaders

Gotta love the guy with the beetle. There's more variation than I would've expected.

Average Face of a CEO

I have seen that face a lot of times.

Liverpool in the 80s

What was Liverpool like in the 80s? Dirty, dirty, dirty.
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