Portraits of Great Native American Chiefs

Well, I've googled, wikipediaed and whatevered them, and indeed, they appear to be the greatest.

Average Faces of Native American Tribes

An interesting experiment.

Tepee Designs of Native American Tribes

Native American tepee design.

Amazing Photos of San Francisco’s Gay Community in the ’80s

Dancing in the dragon’s jaws in the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

People Who Accidentally Found Their Lookalikes in Museums

Wow, I don't know if I want that experience '.'

What a Homo Erectus Would Look Like Today

Homo erectus resurrected.

Which Countries Are The Most Paranoid?

How paranoid is your country?

Both Faces of Macaques

The macaques are attacking, but are they the ones to blame?

Where People Run in Major Cities Around the US

What parts of US cities are runnable?

Venice Beach Rollerskaters 1979

Cool pics from the time when rollerskating got big.

How to Tell a Modern Day Nazi from an Antifa Member

Does this hold any truth?
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