How You Can Turn From Hipster to Hippie

Are you a hipster? You are in immediate danger of morphing into a hippie.

Here Are Some of the Most Notable Stories That Prove Keanu Reeves is the Nicest Guy in Hollywood

Cool things you probably didn't know about Keanu Reeves.

Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Gets Adopted By Single Dad After Being Rejected By 20 Families

The 20 potential adoptive families that rejected her all missed her charm.

Change of Life Expectancy Around the World Between 1800 and 2015

Evolution of life expectancy in the world.

A Police Car Contents Challenge? Cops in New Zealand and Ukraine Follow Example of Their Dutch Colleagues

Yes, it's definitely becoming a challenge and we love it.

Here’s the Average Cost of a Date in Each US State

There are big differences there.

Insufficient Sleep in US Counties

Do you get enough sleep in your county?

What Does Your Surname Say About You?

Discover the meaning and history behind your last name.

What Women Want: Dating Secrets Revealed

A fun look into what online dating searches can tell us about modern romance.

Native American Homes Still in Use Today

Hogans are my favorite.
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