Portals Built in Lithuania and Poland Allow People to See Each Other in Real Time

Tired of pandemic travel restrictions and eager to get out and see new people? Why not try a real-time "portal" to another city?

Andean People Already Perfected Skull Surgery Thousands of Years Ago

Skull surgery performed by our ancestors.

Meme People Then and Now

Memes are temporary, but Harold & Co. are forever!

The Richest People in History

The top contenders for the wealthiest folks ever.

The Amazing Story of the Girl Who Lived in a Redwood Tree for 738 Days

Julia Butterfly Hill, American environmental activist, lived in a giant 1500 year old redwood tree named Luna for 738 days to protest logging.

You’re Supposed to Spend This Much Time Reading the Terms of Service of Major Apps

Have you ever ventured to read those Terms of Service. No? You were probably right.

‘Human Cheese’ is Made From Celebrity Armpit and Belly Button Bacteria

Ever had the feeling that some varieties of cheese smell like an armpit? Well, that's no coincidence.
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