Scientists 3D Print a Cell-Sized Boat, the World’s Smallest

Finally, we have a boat that could sail down a human hair.

This Mysterious ‘Crop Circle’ Forest in Japan Is the Result of a 50-Year-Old Experiment

The unique shape of this forest in Japan has been drawing attention from around the world.

NASA Makes History by Successfully Landing a Spacecraft on an Asteroid

A NASA spacecraft touched down on an asteroid for the first time history.

This Fluffy Egg-Shaped Bird Can Do Perfect Splits

If you’re not a bird watching fan yet, this guy might get you on the hook.

‘Human Cheese’ is Made From Celebrity Armpit and Belly Button Bacteria

Ever had the feeling that some varieties of cheese smell like an armpit? Well, that's no coincidence.

Cool Infographic Shows Relative Size of Particles That Are Too Small to See

The relative size of particles around us we can't or can hardly see but can easily inhale.

This Ancient Japanese Forestry Technique Creates the Perfect Lumber Without Cutting Down Trees

We all know bonsai, but who knew there were bonsai forests too?
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