The Deadliest Pandemics In History And How They Ended

An eerie but interesting read.

This Little Guy Can Take Down Six Termites With a Single Fart

It looks like an innocent, frosted moth but hell no...

Tens Of Thousands Of Migrating Turtles Captured by Breathtaking Drone Footage

Ever seen 64,000 migrating turtles in one shot? Well, here's your chance.

Four-Year-Old Finds Incredibly Preserved 220 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Footprint

What may sometimes be an arduous process for fossil hunters came easily for a little girl.

17-Year-Old Discovers Beautiful New Planet Just 3 Days Into His NASA Internship

Nothing like the average boring internship...

Wombats Poop Perfect Cubes And We Finally Know Why

The secret of the wombat poop.

Four-Month-Old Ravens Rival Adult Apes in Intelligence, Cognitive Tests Show

Ravens are not "birdbrained". On the contrary...

Here Are the World’s Oldest Clothes and They Still Look Beautiful Today

These clothes weren't mass procuced, which might explain why they have survived millennia.

Scientists Have Just Discovered a New State Of Matter: Liquid Glass

Liquid glass is definitely here to stay!

Adorable Dwarf Giraffes Spotted in the Wild for the First Time

The two dwarf giraffes are about 9 feet (2.7 meters) tall - half the height of an average giraffe.
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