Scientists Discover That a Plant in China is Evolving To Hide From Humans

The plant is turning brown in order to camouflage itself - from us.

NASA is Building a Rover to Explore Jupiter’s Moon Europa From Underneath Its Icy Shell

The buoyant robot will cruise on the surface of Europa's ice - from below.

New Surprise from Melting Permafrost: Fully Preserved Cave Bear Found on Arctic island

We now we have an intact cave bear, but that's not necessarily good news.

Scientists 3D Print a Cell-Sized Boat, the World’s Smallest

Finally, we have a boat that could sail down a human hair.

NASA Makes History by Successfully Landing a Spacecraft on an Asteroid

A NASA spacecraft touched down on an asteroid for the first time history.

Pair of Uniquely Preserved Prehistoric Cave Lions Found in Siberian Permafrost

Needless to say, scientists want to clone them. And it's much easier to clone them than the woolly mammoth...

Bizarre ‘Red Glob’ Washed Ashore on Washington Beach Baffles Scientists

Scientists are making guesses as to what it could be.
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