Cool Animation Shows How Bridges Were Built in Medieval Prague

Ever wondered how bridges were built centuries ago? It wasn't an easy feat.

Amazing Animation Shows Bird Migration Over Europe Tracked by GPS

Birds migrating through Europe overnight.

Scientists Solve Mystery of Deep-Sea Fish With Tubular Eyes and Transparent Head

The barreleye fish might look like a submarine, but its tubular eyes and transparent head are necessary to navigate the 2,500-feet-deep waters in which it dwells.

Underwater Footage Captures the Fascinating Way Flamingos Eat

Dive into the underwater world of flamingo dining!

This All-Black Penguin May Be the Only One of Its Kind on the Planet

The loneliest penguin in the world.

Robot “Spy” Gorilla Records First Ever Footage of Wild Gorillas Singing and Farting

This is the first time that singing mountain gorillas have been caught on camera.

Difference in Weather Between Two Sides of a Mountain

Incredible footage with a credible explanation.

This Giant 60-Foot Robot Just Took Its First Steps

Soon ready to fight supervillains.

Fly Over the Most Amazing Part of Mars With the Help of Stunning New Footage

As if you were flying over Mars on an airplane.
Earthly Mission
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