Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Footage

God, how come this looks so much better than anything we have seen in the previous 3 episodes...? And this was just the unpacking at Munich airport.

The Nicest Place on the Internet

As part of the free hugs movement (I guess), when you need a little consolation you can watch these people hugging their computers.

North Atlantic Skies

Remember our earlier post with the map showing every airplane at the time you are looking at the site? Now, this visualization by North Atlantic Skies is very similar, even though it does not show traffic in real time but covers a 24 hour period taken from a day in August last year and shows 2,524 flights crossing the North Atlantic....

DJ Without Hands

Wow, respect. The coolest part is when he lights that cigarette... Awesome guy.

The Football Machine

I don't remember the Belgian guy, but this is certainly a cool ad.

300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries

A great selection of documentaries. Mind expanding indeed.


The new hype in graffiti. Here you can watch a video on how it is done.

Renault F1 Singing “La Marseillaise”

I know this is old, but I still like it. The English version is also nice.

Slayer – War Ensemble (Ukulele cover)

Yeah, this guy knows something about Slayer and benjos, and me I like heavy metal too (FYI).

Gggggrrrrr, I’m gonna eat these guys

They get it from the old man. But why is he not at the World Cup?  

Take On Me: Literal Video Version

I am still trying to figure out how they did this. This is not the original version! You hear what you see.

Extreme Lift Cable Skiing

Skiing on the cables of a ski lift with a parachute over your shoulders? I would say cool.
Earthly Mission
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