Most Expensive Paintings by Country

I love those paintings being showcased this way.

This House Built on Extremely Steep Swiss Mountain is Just Incredible

This house was built on impossible terrain at a height of 4003 meters (13133 feet) in Switzerland in 1915. I wonder what technique was used to get it all up there, above the clouds...

The World’s Largest Island Within a Lake on an Island Within a Lake on an Island

The tiny little island of Vulcan Point in the Philippines is the world's largest island within a lake (Crater Lake) that is situated on an island (Volcano Island, or Taal Island) located in a lake (Lake Taal) within an island (Luzon). It also happens to be one of the cones of the active Taal Volcano, so Vulcan Point is...

WorldWide Telescope (in your browser)

Take a trip to outer space.

Dubai Flow Motion

Catching the desert from the ice.

The Swing at the End of the World

I have to fly there.

Super Detailed Animated GIF Letters

Each of them is a world in itself.

Rarely Seen “Enchanted” Moments of World History, Part 4 (Megapost)

Sequel to our popular posts on world history.

The Potsdam Gravity Potato

Why do some places on Earth have higher gravity than others? Sometimes the reason is unknown. To help better understand the Earth's surface, sensitive measurements by the orbiting satellites GRACE and CHAMP were used to create a map of Earth's gravitational field. Since a center for studying these data is in Potsdam, Germany, and since the result makes the...
Earthly Mission
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