Weird Cars from the Soviet Union

No, it wasn't all about Ladas in the Soviet Union, even though most of the vehicles below never made it to the public. Their names are mostly acronyms of Russian words and not too informative, so I didn't feel an urge to include them here. Sources: 1, 2, 3

World Clock

It gets most frigthening when you press “NOW”.

Second Languages Around the World

Cool infographic that shows the second language of every nation and region across the globe.

World’s Weirdest Foods

As you can see, it gets really nasty.

Word Heritage Sites in 3D

There are quite a few available here already, and the list is growing.

Rarely Seen “Enchanted” Moments of World History (Megapost)

 Historical photos that will take your breath away.

Dogs of the World

Some of them small dogs, some of them big dogs. Just in case you met a dog and wanted to know where he/she is from.

Social Media Explained

Great one minute guide to the world of social media. You will pee yourself.

Enter Pyongyang

A rare glimpse into the life of North Korea. Looks like a propaganda video made by Westerners, but at least you can see Pyongyang in ‘color’.

9 Maps to Change How You See the World

Some really interesting maps here. I like this one especially, as it gives a good sense of the size of countries beside looking good.

Real Time Emergency and Disaster Map

 Just in case...

Wake Boarding in the Jeita Grotto

Wow, I have actually been in this cave - but on a regular visitor boat. They were indeed quite strict about taking photos, but the rigor seems to have all gone.
Earthly Mission
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