Curiosity Sends Back 1.2-Billion-Pixel Panorama of Mars

It is best viewed with virtual reality goggles, but the circular panoramic image recently taken by Curiosity of the Gale Crater on Mars provides a breathtaking sight even on a normal screen.

As we reported here on the Mission, NASA’s latest rover, Perseverance, landed on Mars in February, sending back many fascinating images of the surface of the red planet in recent weeks.

Now, NASA has released another stunning shot, but this time not by Perseverance, but its sister, Curiosity. It’s a circular panorama taken by the rover on the 3060th sol of its mission (March 15, 2021). (A sol is a Martian day. While on Earth a day consists of 24 hours, on Mars it is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds long.)

Image credit: NASA/Mars360

A 8K version of the panorama has also been uploaded to YouTube. It is best enjoyed with virtual reality goggles, but you can also move around with your mouse.

And, there’s even more. If you want to view a full resolution version of the panorama, you can access it at this link.

Curiosity is presently in Mars’ Gale Crater. The area it has to examine has been divided into several parts, and the place where the photograph was taken is called Nontron. Here, the unit will drill holes in the ground, and also analyze the samples taken.


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