DDT is good for me-e-e!

Wow, that’s creepy. Only God knows how many people died of this thing directly or indirectly, and apparently it’s still being used as an insecticide in some developing countries. What a great invention…


The image above is an actual ad that appeared in an actual American magazine, extolling the virtues of the miraculous DDT.

The ad is typical for its time. From the end of World War II up through the 1960s, DDT was heavily marketed as a powerful insecticide for both agricultural and home use. Check out aa good compilation of other print ads here.

This was before we knew that DDT has devastating effects on wildlife, particularly birds, the environment and human health. DDT is a toxic endocrine disrupter and can cause premature birth, miscarriage and other sexual health problems. It may also cause cancer.

One cannot help but wonder what you are yet to learn about the pesticides you are spraying onto your planet right now earthlings.

via Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma


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