DJ Trading Cards from 1996


With a deep sigh and a shrug of shoulders I tagged this post as vintage. After all, 20 or so years is 20 or so years, ain’t it? Extracted by Pulse Radio, these cards were issued by Berlin label K7Stud!o as a promotional tool for Mr. C’sX-MIX: The Electronic Storm mix CD, complete with info like average BPM, total DJ bookings, size of record collection and longest DJ set. Let’s start with an android, Sven Vath: his longest DJ set was 30 hours, and the shortest one 2 hours!:)

sven-vath-dj-trading-cards-from-1996 stacey-pullen_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 richie-hawtin_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 paul-van-dyke_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 mr-c_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 laurent-garnier_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 kevin-saunderson_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 juan-atkins_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 josh-wink_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 dJ-hell_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 derrick-may_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 dave-clarke_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 carl-craig_dj-trading-cards-from-1996 carl-cox_dj-trading-cards-from-1996


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