Dogs of the World

A nice collection of even nicer dog(breed)s by Lili Chin.

dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_1 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_2 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_3 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_4

dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_5 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_6dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_7 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_8
dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_9dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_10 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_11 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_12
dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_13 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_14 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_15 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_16
dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_17 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_18 dogs-of-the-world-posters_24094_19


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  1. I love how they are all smiling. I love all dogs, but we must be in special love with German dogs considering we have a miniature pinscher, schnauzer, and a doberman.

  2. This is a great list although it is not totally complete. There are dogs that I know are not represented such as the Tibetan Spaniel (I have one), Tibetan Terrier, and Dindie Dinmont (my neighbor has one) for instance. But I liked the presentation and bright colors.

  3. The Asian dogs breed is biased towards the Far East. Where are the South Asian dogs? They do exist and worth mentioning, they are dogs too you know.

    Indian Spitz – common household pet
    Rajapalayam – royal hunting hounds, like Greyhounds
    Kaikadi (literal meaning “hand-biter”, like Pinscher literally means “biter”) – working dog, not pet
    Chippiparai – greyhound-type dog, also mainly used by royals for hunting


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