Drugs Don’t Get You High – It’s All In You

This infographic by RecoveryFirst shows why drugs don’t get people high directly. No, what really makes you feel high is the way drugs interact with chemicals that are already in your brain. They are called neurotransmitters and cause feelings of euphoria and a general state of being ‘high.’

As it turns out, severe neurological addictions are casused by the way your brain tries to fight off these effects: in order to prevent the interference with neurotransmitters, it develops tolerance to certain substances – driving some people to take more of the drug more frequently to achieve the desired effects. In fact, anything that causes interference with key neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, glutamate and others can cause addiction.

This underlines why you can get much farther with meditation than using drugs. It’s all within you.


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