Free Internet Explodes in Cuba

In Cuba, the cheapest monthly Internet plan costs 15 bucks, which equals about half of the average salary. The relatively high price is only partly due to the trade embargo in place against Cuba. Actually, the Cuban authorities are afraid of losing control over public life in Cuba. (Photos by Alexandre Meneghini / Reuters)

This year 432 open air hot spots were established in the country where you can freely use the Internet, defying the elements and the mosquitoes.

Daniel Hernandez (26) works as a tourist guide and is chatting with his girlfriend in Britain.

There are markets built around the more frequented hot spots where illegal vendors deal in wireless passwords.

At these public hot spots, you don’t have any kind of private sphere. For that, you have to sit in your car, if any.

Due to the weak bandwidth, the connection is often only acceptable at less frequented hotspots. You need to find the best places for using the Internet.

Cubans can have their on mobile phones since 2008. Most of them are happy with the present situtation because – as they say – it’s better than nothing.

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