This Giant 60-Foot Robot Just Took Its First Steps

No, you’re not watching Transformers or an insane anime – this is an actual 18-meter (60-foot) robot taking its first steps.

Japanese technology never fails to impress us, and the country’s latest technological feat is perhaps its best yet. Since the beginning of this year, Gundam Factory Yokohama has been building the world’s tallest robot, standing 60 feet tall (18 meters). A real monster.

Designed after the popular Gundam robot from multiple TV series and manga, the gigantic machine is currently under construction at the Port of Yokohama, just south of Tokyo. And it looks just as awesome as we imagined. In the video below, the massive robot is seen lifting and lowering its legs in preparation for its debut in October 2020, although that may be postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. Gundam Factory Yokohama engineers work from a crane, tweaking various parts of the real-life robot while they test how it moves.

The aim is to provide viewers the spectacle of a 60-foot, 25-ton walking robot. Popular Mechanics reports the Gundam robot will feature articulated fingers, 24 degrees of freedom, and the ability to support its huge weight.

Originally, the Gundam robot is a popular fictional character from a Japanese science fiction franchise created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise. It was first featured in 1979 on Mobile Suit Gundam, a TV show featuring giant robots in a war-like setting. Since then, Gundam has appeared in over 50 TV series, movies, video games, and manga.

While it isn’t quite ready to fight supervillains in real life just yet, it definitely looks well on its way to completion.

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