Google Street View Guy Walks 500 kms to Document Difficult to Reach Areas of Thailand


How about walking with an 18 kilo backpack through Thailand’s hinterland for 2 years? Thai triathlete Panupong Luangsa-ard did just that when he walked 500 kms to capture those hard to reach places for Google’s Street View, carrying an 18kg 360 degree camera on his back. Thanks to his efforts, Google has mapped out 150 new places of interest, some of which you can see by following the Thailand Highlights link below.

“While collecting just the tea plantations and strawberry fields, he burned through four pairs of shoes,” a Google rep told Mashable. (Google’s Trekker loan program lends out its special camera to intrepid explorers so that they can continue mapping those locations that a regular Google Street View vehicle cannot reach.)


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via boredpanda