How Dangerous Playgrounds Were 100 Years Ago

Although the first purpose built public-access playground was opened in a park in Manchester, England as soon as 1859, safety measures apparently still weren’t on the horizon around the turn of the next century, when the photos below were taken.

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Although less and less, but you can still see this kind of thing:



  1. My 60’s elementary school playground featured a very high slide, tall monkey bars ans swings; all on a macadam base. The monkey bars and slide took out a number of us over time but we sucked up the concussions and stitches and went right back to playing on them. Good times.

  2. A century ago, and less than a century, people were stronger precisly because of the risks they could take. Now we’re almost all weak-natured, because of too much care, too much “securitarism”, too much psychological limits – fantasmatical limits. How can you really know yourself, develop yourself, if you’ve never have been hurt ?


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