How Music Influences Plant Growth

Do plants like music? You Had Me At Gardening has conducted an experiment on how classical & rock music affects plant growth and created the below infographic on the results. Information on the research methodology is available here.

How Music Influences Plant Growth

It’s generally well-accepted that music affects plant growth and health and we also know why:

  • Certain sound frequencies stimulate the movement of cytoplasm in the plants’ cells, which boosts metabolism and, therefore, growth.
  • Sound also influences the opening and closing of stomata – the tiny pores that act like primitive lungs on plants. Music helps a stoma stay open for longer, thus taking in more air and growing faster.
  • Some sound frequencies activate genes that speed up plant growth.

Further research on the type of music for plants and sound frequency concluded to the following results:

  • Classical music made plants grow better, bushier, and greener, with healthier stems.
  • Jazz music also accelerated growth and made plants fuller.
  • Heavy metal music, together with new age and Celtic tunes increase both plant mass AND fruit taste.
  • Country and western music for plants had no effects on development.
  • Noisy rock music damages plants in the same way excess water or heavy winds do.


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