How the Paths of the Mississippi Have Changed Over the Centuries


The colorful and informative maps below track the many paths of the lower Mississippi and how they changed over time. The monumental collection was produced in 1944 by Harold N. Fisk, who drew in a rainbow of colors the path of past and current flows as the mighty river changed course and flooded over time. You can download a full size .zip file (197MB!) of the maps at the ERDC. Scroll below the maps to see how it all looks compared to a contemporary satellite image.

how-the-paths-of-the-mississippi-changed-in-the-past-1 how-the-paths-of-the-mississippi-changed-in-the-past-2 how-the-paths-of-the-mississippi-changed-in-the-past-3 how-the-paths-of-the-mississippi-changed-in-the-past-4 how-the-paths-of-the-mississippi-changed-in-the-past-5


via Earth Observatory, Visual News


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