How to Tell a Modern Day Nazi from an Antifa Member

I never had Nazi friends and I don’t think I know too many people from the Antifa movement either. So those of you who do will have to enlighten me as to whether or not this holds any truth.

how to tell nazi from antifa member


  1. It is white supremecist propaganda… No antifa has an AR. Comparing the holocaust to famines are anti semetic. No one in antifa gives a shit about rosie O’Donnell. There’s a special class of communists that are total apologists they are called tankies and are generally ostracized. White supremecy is largely tolerated by the right and now it is accepted.liberals hate antifa, they hate direct action. Liberals are not left.
    The very wording gives this away as being a product of a conservative mind.
    Also I hear they sleep with their shoes on.


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