How to Walk the Medieval Way

People walked a little differently during medieval times and they had a reason for it too. Historical reenactor Roland Warzecha of Hamburg, Germany very gracefully demonstrates that (the proper gait of a person who lived in Medieval times) upon the grounds of History Park, Bärnau.

In short, the explaination is that because common footwear was no more than a “leather sock”, people had to walk with the ball of their foot forward first:

The way that you walk is a very natural one. You put the ball of the foot onto the ground first. …the reason for this is pretty simple because… you sense your way, you feel your way. So like when I walk through grass I do it the same when I’m barefoot, if there’s a wasp or a slug or whatever, you sense it before your whole body weight is on falling onto it, as opposed to walking heel first.


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