Husband Gives Unfaithful Ex-Wife Half Of Everything He Owns

husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-fb

Divorce settlements can be rather painful. Most often what remains from the dolorous process is a bad taste in the mouth and, well, half of everything the couple owned. One man in Germany took this literally and told Laura, his ex-wife, just what he thought of her – by literally cutting all of their belongings in half. He is selling his half of everything on eBay where each item has a bitter but funny write up in German detailing how the courts ordered him to ‘split’ their belongings even though it was Laura who had been unfaithful.

husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-2

husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-1 husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-3 husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-4

husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-5 husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-6 husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-7 husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-8
husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-9 husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-10 husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-11 husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-12
husband-gives-unfaithful- ex-wife-half-of-everything-he-owns-13

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