Incredibly Detailed Map of the Roman Empire in 211 AD

This map created by Sardis Verlag is one of the most detailed and interesting maps of the Roman Empire you’ll find online. It shows what the Empire looked like in 211 AD, at the end of the reign of Septimius Severus. Below find more information on what’s actually on the map (click to enlarge).

map of roman empire in 211 AD

There lots of really cool things to this map, for example:

  • You can see the Hadrian’s Wall and the less famous but more northern Antonine Wall.
  • There are 870 Roman cities and settlements within the Roman Empire and more than 90 cities and settlements outside of the Empire.
  • The headquarters of all 33 active legions.
  • 120,00 km of Roman Roads.
  • Caravan, trade and sea routes

Why 211 AD? The year was picked because this was roughly the height of the Roman Empire. The 4 Emperors that followed Septimius Severus were all assassinated, ultimately culminating in the Crisis of the Third Century, which almost resulted in the Empire’s total collapse.


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