Hotel Live Streams ‘Indestructible’ McDonald’s Burger That Hasn’t Decomposed for 10 years

Thousands of people visit the ‘indestructible’ McDonald’s burger that hasn’t decayed for 10 years and is on display in a hotel in Iceland.

'Indestructible' McDonald's Burger Hasn't Decayed for 10 years
The burger on display at the hotel. (Snotra House)

McDonald’s decided to close its last store in Iceland back in 2009, with the ‘indestructible’ burger being the last order ever purchased there. The buyer, Hjörtur Smárason, had heard all of the stories about McDonald’s food not decomposing over time, so he decided not to eat the burger but put this claim to the test instead.

Initially he kept the meal in his garage before lending it to the National Museum of Iceland.

‘I decided to buy a last meal for its historical value since McDonald’s were closing down,’ Smarason told AFP.

‘I had heard that McDonald’s never decomposed so I just wanted to see if it was true or not.’

The burger is currently on display in a glass case at Snotra House, a hostel in Thykkvibaer in southern Iceland.

indestructible mcdonalds burger
Thousands of people visit the burger each year according to the hotel. (Instagram)

The burger became even more famous after the hotel posted a live stream of it decaying on the Internet. The hotel claims to receive up to 400,000 hits daily and hundreds of people have posted pictures on social media standing next to the meal.

‘People from around the world… come here just to visit the burger,’ Sigurdur Gylfason, the owner of the establishment said.

‘The burger and remaining fries are still in good shape even though it’s been almost 10 years since their sell-by date,’ a post on the hotel’s website reads.


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