Innocent Girl Tortured in Shop Window for 10 Hours

For 10 hours, she wore a flesh-colored body suit only and was put on display in the shop window in London to show what animals go through.

A woman in the UK was recently treated to unspeakable horrors and torture of the worst kind – in a shop window in London. Her name is Jacqueline and shockingly, this is what she wanted. She spent 10 hours being tortured and publicly shamed to show what animals go through when humans use them for testing cosmetic products.

You see, Jacqueline was making a point. She was passionate about companies using horrible animal testing methods and she knew she had to make a statement.
Her eyes burned with chemicals – the same type of cosmetics testing that would be done on animals.
Moments later, she was force-fed food and drink.
Her head was gripped and electronic clippers shaved a large strip from her hairline – a common practice in laboratories when monitors or electrodes need to be attached to an animal’s skin.
Creams and lotions were applied to her forehead and cheeks leaving painful red sores and burns.
Uncomfortable electrodes were attached to her head while she was tested.
Some of the terrifying tools she had to endure but animals face this on a daily basis in labs.
Her arm bled in real life from resisting multiple injections.
Although it was a performance, she never looked comfortable and suggested not all the pain was an act.
Jacqueline was publicly humiliated, shivering with cold and had red sores from the lotions from her cheek.

via Upmoments


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