Lincoln & Kennedy: The Incredible Parallels

Coincidence? I would spell it co-incidence indeed. Your explanation?



  1. There’s another coincidence with their last names: Lincoln & Kennedy both have 7 letters which has been acknowledged for years, but what is eerily unlikely is that the consonant/vowel placement of each of the letters in their names matches! using V for vowel and C for consonant, both names are, ‘CVCCVCC’

  2. Lincoln was not shot by a southerner. He was shot by a southern SYMPATHIZER, which is a northerner who is “pro-south”

  3. I first heard this list in 1963, right after Kennedy’s assassination. It was on the Jack Parr show (precursor to Johnny Carson). Looks like some of the erroneous ‘facts’ and coincidences haven’t been corrected in the ensuing 55 years. A bit surprising in this age of fact checking. Gotta love the internet – nothing ever dies or gets corrected it just gets recycled to a new generation.

  4. Lincoln’s secretary was William Henry Seward not Kennedy. Show me where it says Kennedy was Lincoln was secretary. I’m a Seward and haven’t found anywhere in my life time that it says that. So prove it, correct me if I’m wrong. Cause I don’t know where your getting your information.

  5. 1.) Lincoln’s secretaries (he had two) were named John Hay and John Nicolay. No one named Kennedy was working in Lincoln’s White House.
    2.) Marilyn Monroe had been dead for over a year when Kennedy was assassinated. There was no such town as Monroe Maryland in 1865.

    • Yes but if you examine the views of both parties, they completely flipped in the time gap between the years of Lincoln & Kennedy’s time in office. If you were to study the political parties’ history. You’d see that if the parties’ original views were still in effect, modern Republicans would be Democrats and vice versa.

      • The Leftist/Liberal/Marist/Leninist/Socialist/Communist Democrat Party has been pushing that mantra for several decades now. I was registered to vote as a Democrat for FIFTY(50) years almost to the day, Apr. 1966-Apr. 2016 before I finally saw the light and changed my political affiliation. I did so with the promise to NEVER look back nor EVER again to return to the Liberal Camp! Take my word for it…the Democrats are the same as when I registered in 1966. They’re just more open with their lawlessness and corruption!

  6. Johnson and Fidel Castro had Kennedy killed along with the Russian president who attended his funeral. Now Jack Ruby shot Lee Oswald then healthy Jack Ruby died of cancer in jail mysteriously by the Mob, Marilyn Monroe was killed by the Mob and kennedys because she slept with both brothers and knew to much. Simple facts from my grandfather who worked in the white House 1959 to 1979

    • Don’t give Johnson too much credit. President L.B. Johnson was an ignorant, egotistical, racist, pawn and a very unscrupulous person with delusions of grandeur (Lyndon B. – aka Lady Birds “wife”) was too. Lyndon was just a vehicle for Lady Bird to take the white house.

      Real boots on the ground behind this (if you can call it that) was H.W. Bush and his “Mechanics” led by E. Howard Hunt of CIA.

      If you are looking for answers why do you think Trump waited 5 years to release rest of Kennedy documents? Waiting on H.W to finally kick the bucket. Obviously nobody expected him to live this long.

  7. Marilyn Monroe died August 4th ,1962! Actually murdered on orders by Attorney General RFK.
    I JFK had to be in Westwood, California at Miss Monroe’s gravesite if that is even slightly true about the last issue.

  8. Lincoln was a slave owner
    A white house worker was named Lincoln NOTKennedy’s secretary
    Kennedy didn’t run anywhere after he was shot.
    Have alook on Scipes web site fo rexplanation of more “coincidnces”

        • I found it funny how the few errors in the post are the focus of the commentary but I found the comment by a 70+year old, Marine Corps veteran, even more, surprising “The Leftist/Liberal/Marist/Leninist/Socialist/Communist Democrat Party” would definitely be more in line with Lincoln’s views.
          Leftist- supports social equality and egalitarianism, in opposition to social hierarchy.
          Liberal-open to new behavior or opinions.
          *Marist-a member of the Roman Catholic, Society of Mary?
          I believe you meant Marxist/Leninist/Socialist/Communist (if lumped together)-
          opposed to social changes such as the exploitation of workers and a widening gulf between rich and poor, first created during the industrial revolution by manipulation of the free market.
          Democratic Party-emphasizes egalitarianism, social equality, protecting the environment, and strengthening social safety.
          I must have missed where the lawless corruption applies?
          After 1912, the Republican Party underwent an ideological shift to the right, a fact which is historically well documented.
          And most importantly, Lincoln’s Republican Party fought against the KKK. Today’s Republican Party include the Klan among its members.


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