The Arteries In Your Body

Here’s what the arteries look like in your body. These are acid-corrosion casts, meaning the system of the arteries is cast in plastic using acid.

Gunther von Hagens: Acid-corrosion cast of the arteries of the adult human hand

UPDATE: Here’s an upper body too. Apparantly these things are cast in plastic with some pretty acidy technology.

plastinated circulatory system
via Tumblr


  1. usually we see skeletons or muscle pics to learn about bones etc but i have never seen all the veins. i will check on youtube you have inspired me . no wonder when when the blind man begun ot see after Jesus healed him Jesus asked him what do you see and he answered i can see people like a trees . of course i asked myself question well if he was blind maybe he did see in some point of his life thathe was able to compare . but really thats what i see those artheries as a trees branches connected together one huge forest in form of a human body 🙂 great share, yola


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