Cool Maps Reveal The Most Popular Dog Breed in Every Country

Have you ever wondered which might be the most popular dog breed in your country? Well, thanks to new research by HouseholdQuotes you can finally find out!

To uncover the most popular dog breed in every country, HouseholdQuotes compiled a master list of dog breed names and translated them into different languages with the help of local Wikipedia pages. Then, a research team collected monthly Google search figures for every breed across all countries in order to identify the most popular breed in every country, and mapped the results.

The meaning of these findings might be a matter of interpretation. Could the favorite dog breed of a country reveal as much about its people, as its national dish or traditions? Maybe, people who prefer larger, energetic dogs tend to be more active and outgoing as well.

Whatever the answer may be, one thing is for sure; these colorful maps, highlighting 27 beloved dog breeds are fascinating!

What we immediately notice when we look at the map of South America is that the Rottweiler is the most popular breed in a large chunk of the continent. Actually, this is no surprise; Rottweilers are the number one dogs in 34 countries. With such a high appearance rate, Rottweiler is the most popular dog breed overall. This breed is mostly known for its guarding skills, but they are never too shy to show their affection and love for their family.

The gold medalist in the eastern part of the continent is the trustworthy Dobermann, but tied for the number one spot in Europe are the border collie and Cane Corso. While the highly intelligent border collies are frontrunners in Western Europe, the Cane Corso is mostly loved in the Balkans and surrounding nations.

The clear winner on this continent is the German Shepherd, appearing as a favorite in 14 countries. Although Rottweilers also leave their mark, being the most-popular dogs in 13 countries. Interestingly, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, also known as the African Lion Hound due to its history in helping to hunt lions, makes its only appearance in Botswana.

Rottweilers take the number one spot in North America under the radar, claiming the title of most popular dog breed in 9 countries. It seems Canadians prefer the always friendly Golden Retriever and the citizens of the United States favor the Australian Shepherd. Despite its name, the Aussie (as it’s nicknamed) originates from the western United States, not Australia.

German Shepherds appear to be the most loved dog in seven countries of the Central Asian region. A lesser-known fun fact about this breed is that it went through a temporary name change during World War II because British soldiers refused to call them ‘Germans’. Instead, they called their four-legged brothers and sisters in arms Alsatian wolf dogs.

Here we can see the Shiba Inu making a splash in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore. Many people only know them because of their meme status, but in fact, this breed used to be known for its skills in hunting.

Despite the success of the Shiba Inu in the eastern part of the region, the Golden Retriever emerges as the most popular breed, appearing in 8 countries.

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As mentioned, the Rottweiler was the most popular breed in 34 countries. The second place goes to the German Shepherd, which appears as the favorite in 29 countries. And the third place goes to the Golden Retriever, which also received high marks in the study; 22 countries chose them as favorites.

Although it’s only natural to have a favorite breed, we also have to note that there are plenty of purebreds and equally adorable mutts waiting in shelters across the world for their loving homes. So, don’t forget to give them a chance when you’re thinking about adopting a four-legged friend!



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