Mountain Man Works for 22 Years to Carve Path through Mountain

Indeed, never underestimate the power of one. People laughed and made fun of him but Dashrath Manjhi just continued with what he believed in for 22 years. And he had a reason too.

mountain man carves path through mountain

Here are some facts about the Mountain Man:

  • Previously, the people of this small village in the state of Bihar, India had to travel 70 kilometres to reach to the nearest town to get medical attention
  • In 1959 Dashrath Manjhi’s wife died from lack of medical care
  • In memory of his wife, he carved the path in the Gehlour hills so that his fellow villagers could have easier access to medical care
  • He worked day and night for 22 years and broke down the hill
  • The path is 360 foot long and 25 foot deep.
  • He shortened the distance from 70 kilometres to just one kilometre
  • He worked from 1960 to 1982
  • For his achievement, Manjhi became popularly known as the ‘Mountain Man’
  • He died on August 17, 2007 at the age of 73
  • To honour his achievements, a hospital in his name is being proposed for serving the villagers
  • When a movie on his life was announced, Manjhi was on his deathbed. He put his thumb impression on an agreement and gave away “exclusive rights” to make a film on his life
  • The mountain man was given a state funeral by the Government of Bihar.

via India Today


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