Baby, I had to…

The best excuse ever.

The Private Life of Stormtroopers

See stormtroopers when they are parenting, having breakfast, or just getting home too early…

What Facebook is Like

What Facebook is like for a Polish artist and I guess for others too.

Knock Knock

This cool video was made through synchronizing different Apple devices.

When Panorama Photos Go Wrong

Some unwanted panoramas that we want indeed. I think I have felt like that a few times...

The Guide to Electronic Music

I’m not sure when this was made but it does ring a bell (and here is a very detailed chart to go with it).

Star Wars Set in an 80′s High School

Coach Yoda is hilarious...

Amish Farmers Raise a Barn in 10 Hours (Timelapse Video)

Here is a good lesson about team work in case you wanted to build a house or just needed some motivation for getting on with your colleagues today.

If Bikes Took Up as Much Space as Cars

Here is a good idea for the next Critical Mass in your town!

Hawk Takes Down Drone

 Nature rulez.

The Sleeping Habits of Creative Geniuses

Here is proof that the genius is independent of sleeping patterns.

Vintage Beer Cans

As a one-time collector of beer cans (everybody used to collect them when I was a child), I can declare that I never managed to get any really old stuff like this.