Forty Portraits in Forty Years

You have probably seen this already, but life is such a mystery anyway...

The Bible According to Google Earth

Australia-based has re-created scenes from the Bible as if captured by Google Earth’s satellites (aka God's eye view).

The Wonders Within Your Head

Infographic that gives an easy understanding of how the different parts of the brain function.


You can set your own mood here and get what you want (and sometimes what you don't want). Cool experiment though.

The World from the Angle of a Hardcore Drummer

Ever wondered what the world might look like for a hardcore drummer? Now you can experience that via GoPro.  (Extracted by ufonaut Bence)

Art That Is Moving Around

A selection of great animated photography.

Extreme Downhill Ride in La Paz Bolivia

Great downhill experience extracted by ufonaut Bence. This guy is crazy too, just like the Scotsman.

Soul Reaper: New Type (HTML5) Comics

Wow, comic books have been taken to a new level through HTML5.

How Technology Changes (Ruins?) Our Lives

 Here are some great takes on how technology is messing up our lives.

Rarely Seen “Enchanted” Moments of World History (Megapost)

 Historical photos that will take your breath away.

Mixxx – Free MP3 DJ Software

Great MP3 mixing software and it's completely free (and ad free, at a first glance). I like it so am playing with it. And I have to acknowledge that dj mixing has developed a lot since I was last playing around with something like this. At that time the cheat was on already: then it was beat counters. Now, you...

Romance With No Pants

You won’t believe what these guys are up to (video extracted by ufonaut Bence).