Unrelated Night Club Matches

Ok, so this Greek guy works as a night club photographer but nobody really wants to buy his photos. One day he looks at all those unwanted pictures and does these mashups.

Exact Space Ship Size Comparison

These images of spaceships are exactly to the scale, each pixel equals 10 meters a side.

Underground Clubbing: Should all London tubes have a night club on board?

Of course they should. And they all should have a guy like that in the background, with a sword, shield and all.

Kiesza – Hideaway (Russian version)

Meanwhile in Putin's hinterland (Part 2).

Cannibal Peanuts

Wow, I peed my nuts...

Crazy North Korea

Some weird facts about this weird country. The facts about Kim Jong-Il are especially eerie.

Historical Maps

Well, they are not really as beautiful as this one, but this is certainly a huge collection with some really rare maps included.


An old and bony, yet very cool, animation of motion that is rather interactive.

Historically Hardcore – Creative Student Posters

But what did Teddy Roosevelt do?

Girl in the Wild (and Not Photoshopped)

These pictures remind me of the Mowgli Girl post from a while ago. Anyway, Katerina Plotnikova has it too.

Vintage Social Media Ads

From the days before it all started... BTW we are on Facebook (too)!

Star Wars Uncut

I love this idea. They are already done with A New Hope and are now recruiting for The Empire Strikes Back.