The Compendium of Alcohol Ingredients and Processes

When I saw it starts with absinthe, I wouldn't have guessed that kefir is also on the list.

Vintage Russian Beer Advertisements 1880-1915

Beer advertisements from pre-Soviet times, when there was still beer.

Rome: Ancient Supercity (A City of “Firsts”)

Firsthand information about the city of firsts.

Dubai Flow Motion

Catching the desert from the ice.

An Organic Way to Bury Humans

Here’s an environmentally safe way to dispose of your earthly remains earthlings.

Funny Renderings of Budapest Life & Nightlife by Marcus Goldson

These illustrations of Budapest life & nightlife really hit the bull's eye.

3D Sketchbook Drawings by Nagai Hideyuki

Some really cool stuff from a Japanese guy whose drawings really come to life.

Better Stay Home Today My Friend

This whole thing, and especially the ending, is so incredible (yet it does not seem to be fake at all).

Global Carbon Footprint

The US and China are killers.

Piano Piece Visualized Guitar Hero Style

Somebody should kickstart something like this.