Cinemagraphs (Cinematic GIFs)

An organic follow up to the previous post. But this time it moves. A lot.

Vintage Movie Etiquette

Man, how far are we from this when watching a movie on Netflix…

Amazing Octopus Camoflage

"This guy took me completely by surprise while snorkeling in the Caribbean."

Pop Stars Gone Metal T-Shirts

Update from Ufonaut Benyo from the world of metal (or pop?).

Once Upon a Time in HK

 The history of Hong Kong in the form of a very interesting infographic.

Zach King’s Best Vines from 2014

Here are Zach King’s Best Vines from 2014, all thrown up for you.

Impossible Photography by Argentinean Photoshop Wizard

While some people use Photoshop to make themselves look better, this guy uses it to make himself look weird.

The Music Behind the Worst Album Covers Ever

Well, I have to say that the music matches those covers…

The Advance of Audio Apparatuses

The full spectrum from 1840 till today.

What If Oxygen Disappeared or Doubled for 5 Seconds?

I am not sure which scenario would be worse.