Western Spaghetti

I guess this is from the same guys that did the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar. Lovely.

Colorized Photos from the Past

Color photos from the times when there were no color photos.

Victor Taba

I am not sure who Victor Taba is, but his page must be quite a rewarding experience under the influence of LSD.


You enter the text and it gets pronounced by native speakers in different languages.

Pipe Guy

Here’s proof that you can actually play techno live.

Social Media Explained

Great one minute guide to the world of social media. You will pee yourself.

Wealthiest Americans by State

Here's an interactive map of people who suck up our wealth. Another map on the page shows the wealth gap by state.

Vintage Blade Sharpeners

How they sharpened blades in the old days in DJ style.

What two years on Mars did to the Curiosity Rover

Slideable before and after pics from the Red Planet.

Men’s Sizes Around the World

And here is some other kind of learning: visual, yes, but much less elevated.


Yupp, a great learning site: interactive, visual, fun. So get connected...

Amazing Special Shaped Fruits from China

Talking of special shaped vegetables, this is what form fruits get these days in some parts of China.