5 Cool Infographics About Beer

Everything you always wanted to know about beer (like the exact amount that disappears in facial hair, for example). Plus, if you are a man, you can prove to your wife that beer is indeed extremely healthy!

Evolution of the Anatomy of Women

Sad but true? I wouldn't generalize: there are lot of men without brains, etc. too. But this is definitely worth watching.

Cheap Gifts to Impress Science Geeks

Wow, this is 4 years old already but still pretty cool.

You don’t tell Buster Keaton he can’t do a stunt

Apparently, the guy enjoyed doing his stunts himself. He allegedly broke his neck doing a stunt on The General, and he didn't find out till after shooting.

Sci Fi Gadgets You Won’t Believe Already Exist

Wow, some of these look "science fiction" indeed. (And this is the 300th post. Thanks and keep visiting ufonauts!)

Some Life Hacks That May be of Your Interest – Part 3

Another bunch of life hacks to make your lives easier, haha.

Year 2057

Ouch, can this be true? Is this what awaits us in the future?

Dealing Pot in Public…

... in front of the mall police officer.

Run Walter, Run!

Yes, run! I love GoPro.

Food Cravings – What You Want And What You Need

Don't be oily, sugar. Eat what you really need.

Déja Vu? Haven’t I seen you before?

I think I have seen them before.

Solar System Scope

3D simulation of the Solar System and night sky in real time (requires Java).