Some Life Hacks That May be of Your Interest – Part 2

Sorry, I didn't mean this as harassment at all.

Wet Washcloth In Space – What Happens When You Wring It?

Talking of the ISS, here is what to expect when you happen to have a wet washcloth in space and you want to wring it.

What Astronauts See from the ISS Right Now

Check out who they are looking down on.

What can one buck buy you around the world?

In terms of life standards, in this case the smaller the better.

Great Creative Human & Animal Rights Campaigns

The makers of these are RIGHT to be creative.

Squirrels Love GoPro

 I knew sqirrels love nuts, but GoPro cameras…? And so much – I mean hard?

The Dream Machine

Has anybody tried this? If yes, we would be curious to hear about their user experience.

Cool Street Art From Hungary

I am aware this photo does not necessarily qualify as street art, but I had to include it in this...

Average Faces

Check out his modern day counterpart and your average national mug types here.

Mosh Pit Simulator

Some crazy scientists decided to model what goes on in mosh pits. Here is their simulator, and here is an explanation to it all.

Can you find out what he is painting?

The revelation comes at the end.

Bake Bread

I am sure these guys will make you want to bake bread asap.