5 Incredible Vintage Infographics

Explore these pearls from the past.

The Fantasy World of Ants (Real Ants)

Yes, these are real ants and they are well trained.

The Art of Clean Up

Order, order, order.

Trees of Religion

A nice visualization of the evolution of religion.

Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History

Apparently there was glory for all types of women throughout history, the only question being when…

Hobo Facebook

Free advertising on Facebook. (BTW we are on Facebook too)

Adult Movie Reactions From First-Time Virtual Reality Viewers

The experience must be realer than real. Too real, in fact, for some of these guys.

The Potsdam Gravity Potato

This is based on measurements of Earth’s gravitational field by two orbiting satellites.

Shakespeare’s Tragedies

A little excursion into high literature.