Impossible Photography by Erik Johansson

This is way cool.

Rain Room: Control the Weather

Finally, there is a way to control the weather.

The Most Emotional Surprise of the Year

I thought it was humanity, but it was Samsung...

3 Funny Photo Comics from the World of TV

These are pretty funny. Enjoy!

(Really) Interesting Facts

Some (really) interesting facts for your information and entertainment.

Bunny Takes a Shower

Watch as Cloody the rabbit enjoys a hot tub after playing outside and getting dirty.

Very Weird Vintage Underwear Ads

Some vintage underwear ads that will give you nightmares.

Neon Movie Posters in GIF

And there was light.

Taj Mahal Panoramas

Look around at the Taj Mahal with the help of these beautiful panoramas.

Dragon Lizard Plays Leaf Guitar

I'd never have thought that our post with the lizard on a sofa would have a sequel to it.