The World’s First Digital Camera

Ahh, so it evolved into that chip or what in my cell phone from this.

50 Insane Facts About Australia

 Everything you never wanted to know about Australia on one chart.

Mt Everest in 3D

Even though there are swarms queuing at the summit nowadays, this is still helluva climb. Do it in 3D (instead of ruining the mountain) and look around from the top.

Hayseed Dixie – Ace of Spades

Do you remember the puppet version of the song? And the Hayseed Dixie version? Just can't get bored with these.

Home Made (Into) Swimming Pool

These Russian kids are crazy...

Point of Impact – Weird Faceplant Photography

It would be great to know what’s on a man’s mind while creating this kind of art, but Sandro Giordano‘s work is certainly worth a look or two.

Papercraft Guy

A little eerie, but this is a great Halloween costume indeed.


An old favourite of mine.

Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution

 This is so wrong that it is right.

A Wicked Spot for Car Lifting

This was shot at Loch Ness, wasn’t it?

Cool Animations of Sanded Objects Sanded by the Sander Guy

A post about a guy who knows how to sand.


One of those Samorost-type things. Really enjoyable.