Behind The Scenes Shots From Popular Movies

Some of these are pretty cool. Didn't know that the prof's car in Back to the Future was so small.

The Internet in 2015

The world keeps on turning, and I'm still on that shitty mobile Wi-Fi connection...

Magic Balls

Some magic balls for your pleasure.

What happened in my birth year

You might be able to deduct it from this and the picture above. No coincidences.


I suggest you bookmark this page and check back every day for the latest news.

What websites look like, then and now

I like the way you can use a slider on the pictures to move between the before-and-after snapshots.

The Incredibox

I love messing around with these guys.

The Roman Army Knife

And I thought the Swiss were so original...

Huge London Panorama

If you have a business in London, with this huge and extra detailed panorama picture you can check whether your employees were working at the time it was taken. Similarly, you can check what your spouse was doing at home.

Beacause handy posts are beautiful

That is to say, I love it when posts go hand in hand - I mean hand after hand.

The Most Beautiful Machine

...and then I came across this. Man, did it come in handy (BTW a must-have for all households).


I was thinking what to post, and then...