Learn what kind of booze goes with what you are listening to. It really works. Tequila does indeed match the Ramones. Gabba gabba hey!


A nice game in which you are dropped to an unknown location on Google Maps, where you can look around a bit and then have to guess where you are located on a world map.

25 Mind-Blowing Things Science Can’t Explain

Wow, do I know that feeling... Although we are having an icreasing amount of purring around our house, we still cannot explain this and the rest.

Turn Your Phone Into a Projector for $1

Yupp, this is dirt cheap but dirt dirt cool.

Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Footage

God, how come this looks so much better than anything we have seen in the previous 3 episodes...? And this was just the unpacking at Munich airport.

The Dead Pirates

This must have been committed by the pirates of the ship in the previous post.

The Flying Ship

Spectators of a golf tournament in Scotland before yesterday were amazed by a low flying Imperial cargo ship, even though the explanation is rather simple.

Innovative Uses of Potholes

Instead of upsetting yourself, why not think of a pothole design yourself?

Jar Jar Binks Potato

Here is something I shot - and then ate - myself. (Excuse me for the image quality).

The Nicest Place on the Internet

As part of the free hugs movement (I guess), when you need a little consolation you can watch these people hugging their computers.

Internet K-Hole

Hardly more than random pictures from the 70's and 80's (mostly), but I just realized I have been browsing them for hours. So maybe there is more to this blog indeed, as shown by the grateful comments.

Moss Graffiti

Yeah, for real.