Drinking in the Rain

I know this is old as hell but I thought it would be a nice match to the London genlemen reading in the bombed down library. I would have sworn it was from Eastern Europe though, not Ireland.

Take On Me: Literal Video Version

I am still trying to figure out how they did this. This is not the original version! You hear what you see.


Talking of hallucinogenic stuff, is he not Einstein?

Zoom Quilt

Wow, this is pretty weird and hallucinogenic stuff too...

Every airplane that is flying in the world right now

The title (and the amount of planes over each continent) says it all.

White Line

Something to kill your time with while you are on LSD or simply hallucinating.

Extreme Lift Cable Skiing

Skiing on the cables of a ski lift with a parachute over your shoulders? I would say cool.

See my teeth?

I wonder how she will look when she is 40 years older, with false teeth and all.

Acoustic Trance

Although my 90's were more acidy than trancy, I still find this quite awesome.

The Last Time Each European Country Was Occupied

An awesome map of who occupied who last time (hopefully) in Europe.

Really Live Webshop

I am not meaning to post old websites only, but I remember I liked this.

Spaced Out Office Furniture

You may have noticed that I have not been at my desk today. Anyway, here is some office furniture that makes me want to be.