Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

These ads would certainly be banned today for being racist, sexist, and even pedophile…

100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute

Apparently in the 1920′s lipstick was used instead of botox to achieve the same effect.

Signs of the Times

A fine project to collect the signs of homeless people use to raise awareness of their situation.

An Anthology of Mythical Creatures

The anthology covers the entire world, so check your own country.

People of the 21st Century: We All Look the Same

Are you not my lookalike? No, you are mine.

Bear Attack: Bike for Your Life!

The possibility of this being real gives me shivers.

Getting in Bed With Gadgets

Will we be having sex with our gadgets soon?

Amazing Ice and Snow Formations

Ufonaut Benyo has returned from the Andromeda Galaxy and even brought a handful of ice men with him.

Inside a Jet Engine

Understand what makes you fly in an entertaining way.

Interactive Framework to Create Synaesthetic Experiences of Sounds and Visuals

An interactive framework to create synaesthetic experiences of sounds and visuals generated from body movement.